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Nashville Restaurant Reviews


Below are only a few Nashville restaurant reviews for the Pomodoro East, your favorite authentic, italian restaurant. Bon appetit!

A Review from John Mariani

“You come upon Pomodoro East out of nowhere, perched above the street, welcoming, with a patio outside, and inside some truly warm and inviting décor that includes rough-hewn old barn wood, an open pizza oven, comfortable seating, tablecloths, and first-rate waitstaff. The place smells great, wood-burning, grilling, sweet tomatoes, autumn itself.

Chef Joe Shaw has been in the fine dining business for over 25 years and worked with Frank Stitt at Highlands and Bottega in Birmingham, then was Executive Chef at the Watermark Restaurant in Nashville.  Chef and owner Guillermo ‘Willy’ Thomas was the spirit behind  Nashville’s Capitol Grille, one of my Esquire picks in 1995 as a best new restaurants. These guys know what they’re doing. It’s what you call being a professional.”

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“Gallina Paillard was the unexpected standout of our meals. Thinly pounded and marinated chicken breast emerged from the griddle lacquered with a subtle sweet tang of balsamic reduction. Draped over a shallow bed of shaved provolone and topped with zesty arugula, the dish deftly merged a range of textures and temperatures to showcase the simple elegance of fresh ingredients.”

Carrington Fox, Nashville Scene, May 2012

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East Nashville warms to rustic Italian kitchen

Mussels baked in pungent white wine broth; blistered rounds of pizza topped with chicken, wild mushrooms, bubbling provolone; deep-roasted double-cut pork chops studded with plump garlic cloves: These, and other Italian dishes emerge fresh from the forno, or oven, the fiery heart of Pomodoro East.

Chefs Willy Thomas (who, with wife Yvette, co-owns Eastland Cafe and Park Cafe) and Joe Shaw (whose Nashville tenure includes Watermark, Miro District and The Standard at Smith House) have joined forces to bring regional Italian fare to the Eastside, transforming the erstwhile Cooper’s on Porter into a charming trattoria.

Nancy Vienneau, The Tennessean

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Pomodoro’s East is Red Hot

East Nashville is known for many things, but unless you’re itching for a fight, it’s probably best not to express an opinion. Certainly not to the fiercely-proud residents of the urban neighborhood on the ‘other’ side of the Cumberland. Just ask NY Times reporter Kim Severson, whose glowing article on June 18 about the food scene in Nashville—with a particular focus on the East side—prompted such a firestorm of indignation and scorn from the 37206 zip code that she has probably had to assume a disguise and enter the Writer Protection Program.

I’m going to propose something far less controversial that conjures East Nashville—the tomato. Or more specifically, the Tomato Art Festival, which for one weekend every August (10 – 11 this year) takes over Five Points to celebrate all things tomato. Founded in 2004 by Art & Invention Gallery owners Meg and Bret McFadyn, the event was seeded in an act of semi-desperation. As Meg recalled, “I was thinking about what kind of show to do in August, a hot month and even hotter in the gallery which is in a metal building. Tomatoes are the best part of summer, and they love the heat. It was kind of a whimsical idea that took on a life of its own. Bret made a sign that became the slogan: ‘The Tomato—A Uniter, Not a Divider. Bringing together fruits and vegetables.’ It still makes me laugh.”

Kay West, Nashville Lifestyles

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Pomodoro East: Farm-to-Table, Italian Style

You say tomato. I say pomodoro. Pomodoro East, that is. And that’s Italian for tomato, by the way…

Pomodoro East is the most recent brainchild of chef/owner Willy Thomas (of Park Cafe and Eastland Cafe fame) and executive chef Joe Shaw (well-known from Watermark and The Standard at the Smith House) and is situated where Porter Road and Eastland Avenue converge. As is often the case with new restaurants, Pomodoro East – open since spring – has received a mix of reviews. Some glowing, others not so much. But given my affinity for Italian food and curiosity about the farm-to-table concept this bistro is based on, I wanted to discover for myself if I liked this new place or not. Note: For those of you who read the last page of a novel first, the answer is yes, I liked it very much.

Amy Norton, StyleBlueprint

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